The controversy about the role of pheromones in sexual attraction between humans

This article investigates the ongoing scientific wrangling concerning the role of pheromones in sexual attraction in human beings, and also in the synchronisation of menstrual cycles in females. It looks in detail at the four areas where the involvement of pheromones in sexual behaviour in humans has given rise to affirmations presented as discoveries or acquired data, and at the same time to questions or even challenges.

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Intimate partner violence: violence against women?

In France, intimate partner violence is almost always described as violence against women. But victimization surveys in France but also in Canada indicate that a significant proportion of such violence are also experienced by men.

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Handicap: thinking sexual assistance as prostitution not love

Advocates of sexual assistance for persons with disabilities usually want to distinguish it from prostitution. But when it comes to sex cashed, we are dealing with a form of prostitution.

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What shall we do with prostitution ?

Some say “the oldest job in the world” (would not it be hunter-gatherer?), prostitution has long been controversial, particularly in France, where the relevant legislation is very restrictive.


L’amour à l’épreuve du couple (french edition)

Is the couple relationship made to last more than three years? Is it a prison? Should we sacrify ourselves for love? Can communication solve it all? Are men really from Mars and women from Venus?


My man watches porn

Some women experience difficulty in knowing their companion watching pornography. They consider themselves betrayed, as if they had been deceived, feel some jealousy and underestimated, while getting the impression they are not sexually satisfying.

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Is homosexuality a disease to cure ?

By the end of the month of March 2011, under the pressure of gay movements, Apple had to remove its application downloadable on its iPhone and iPad products, developed by Exodus International, a Christian American organization, whose objective was to cure homosexuality.


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